About Lake of the Ozarks Brewing Company

How we started!


Jacob Schuster, Brewmaster, received his first homebrew kit at age 21. He found this to be very entertaining and continued to brew as a hobby throughout college. In 2013, Jacob introduced his soon-to-be father-in-law, Rick Weber, to the art of homebrewing. Together, they brewed beer for the rehearsal dinner and bottled beers for the centerpieces/gifts at the reception. This was the start of a fun hobby for the two of them. Until 2018, they had only brewed in the garage with a 5 gallon system. Once they realized this hobby could be something more, they purchased a 10 gallon system to further their knowledge on recipes and brewing processes. In January of 2019, Jacob and Rick purchased property to start Lake of the Ozarks Brewing Company and made every Homebrewer’s dream a reality! 



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